Corporate Vision


1. Mission

Sun Logistics Vietnam Company Limited (hereafter called SLV) strives to provide integrated solution for business flow, cargo flow and capital flow totally after creating regional logistics service network and business consultant platform within Asia.


2. Vision

a. Exceed Customers’ Expectation

SLV strives to understand and respond to diversified needs of our customers while giving highest priority to protect their interests and exceed their expectation.

b. Strengthen Global Presence

SLV strives to adapt to globalization, focus on but not limit to Asia and leverage our strengths to attract a loyal global customer base.

c. Advocate Health and Ecology

SLV strives to promote sustainable economic development to meet customers’ requirement while utmostly protecting environment as well as health of our staffs.

d. Enhance Corporate Value

SLV strives to inspire the trust of our shareholders by enhancing corporate values through continuous business development.


3. Values

a. Responsibility with Honest and Integrity

SLV tries to create fair, transparent and honest atmosphere while all staffs are encouraged to take responsibility positively in the best interest of customers, shareholders, environment and society as a whole.

b. Teamwork with Professional Foundation

SLV respects our staffs’ diversified professional background and foster dynamic teamwork spirit in order to enhance service performance by professional and smart coordination.

c. Challenge with Happiness

SLV advocates happy staffs to make happy business in happy company. Challenge should never be the pressure but driving force and energy for all team members.logo

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